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Press time: 2024-05-07 Source: News Network Author: Photography: Views:10

According to the relevant provisions of the "Implementation Rules for the Management Implementation of Student Financial Support of Jiangsu Province",Application Sky bet app downloadof sky bet games onlinethe student himself、Class review、Discussion on the Party and Government Co -Association of the College、School Awardal Aid Evaluation Group review,A total of 1271Obtained famous students2023-2024State Aid of the Spring Semete of the School Year,WhereFamily financial difficulties Students' scholarship1218People, retired soldiers help school53People(see attachment).

Now the above -mentioned personnel are publicized, sky bet loginSky bet app downloadthe publicity period is from 2024Year5month7Day to2024Year5month13Day. If you have any objections, please contact the Student Office.

Tel: 0518-85899782


         Annex:sky bet games onlineAttachment: Jiangsu Caixing Vocational College 2023-2024 Academic year spring semester national aid list .xlsx

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