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Pressing time: 2024-05-06 Source: Jiangsu Family and Accounting Vocational College Author: Yang Shangxian Zhang Xia Photography: Views:48

 Interchange Point News "May 1st" holiday,We ushered in the peak of passenger flow,To promote the spirit of volunteer service,Guarantee travel safety of tourists,Let passengers have a better travel experience,Jiangsu School of Finance Sky Bet appand Association Sky bet app downloadsky bet loginVocational College of Accounting actively organizes student volunteers to Lianyungang high -speed rail station,and the "Leifeng Car" group work together to carry out volunteer service activities,With the most "temperature" service,Welcome to the eight -party passenger。

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Come on for even day,Student volunteers from the Academy of Accounting, Jiangsu Council Sky bet app downloadsky bet loginVocational College of Finance and Accounting, came to the Lianyungang High -speed Railway Station Exit Station early,Everyone carefully organizes the start of the cart、First aid box、wheelchair、Storage cabinet、Umbrella and other convenience service facilities,For the volunteer service Sky Bet appSky Bet appof this "May Day" holiday, it can be more quality,Student volunteers have made full preparations before that。

"Hello,Is there any need to help? ""Aunt,Let me send you it。"" We can help you store your luggage here。"" Lei Feng Car "in front of the station,Volunteers can be seen everywhere。"Our student volunteer service team is a collective,At the same time, it is also divided into several groups,Different from the division of labor according to the task,Responsible for different links and services,Make sure to meet the diverse needs of passengers as much as possible ",Student volunteers in charge of this service Sun Pengjun said。  

 It is understood,sky bet games online"May 1st" period,Jiangsu Sky bet app downloadsky bet loginVocational College of Finance and Accounting Vocational College of Accounting organized nearly 50 students to participate in volunteer services,From 8 am to 6 pm,There are nearly 10 volunteers on the spot every day for passengers。They are wearing red vests,Help passengers carry luggage、Answer passenger questions,Guide passenger self -service tickets、Drive。Their figures constitute a different kind of landscape,It also makes the passengers more comfortable。

"The volunteers of the" Lei Feng Car "are so good,They enthusiastically help us get our luggage,Answer questions for me,Make our journey a lot easier。"Ms. Wei, a family of four to travel to Yungang, said,"Let's travel to Sky Bet appSky BetYungang,Unhelp in life,Although I also did some strategies,But it is inevitable that there are some 'drums'。After coming, I found that Lianyungang is very good,As soon as we arrive, there are college students volunteers actively help us,Let me save a lot of trouble。Praise Lianyungang,Praise to these young volunteers。”

Correspondent Yang Shangxian Zhang Xia

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