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Press time: 2024-04-30 Source: Jiangsu Cailer Vocational College Author: Wang Xiaole Zhang Xia Photography: Views:10

Recent,Organized by the Business School of Jiangsu Fortune Vocational College,Laos cultural exchanges with the theme of "Silk Road Story · Chinese and Old Talks" is held in a row of many games inside and outside the campus,attracted the participation of many old and old students,A deeper understanding of the Silk Road spirit of the "Belt and Road" and "Community of Human Destiny"。

Jiangsu Certain College Vocational College since recruiting Laos International Students in 2018,So far, 27 students from international economic and trade majors have been trained,accumulated rich education and teaching experience and explored a set of "sound and effective" Jiangsu Court model。Current,Sky BetThe school's 61 Laos students in the 2023 level of international economic and trade majors in the school exist in Chinese level,Difficulties in professional courses have adopted personalized digital teaching solutions,Getting obvious results。

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Adopting digital intelligence stent teaching,Eliminate language barriers to create a "sound" classroom。How to break the difficulty of listening to Chinese students in Chinese students,Make sure students understand、Say it,Improve professional learning effect? The business school teaching team that undertakes the professional course of "International Trade Practice" and "E -commerce Basics" this semester has proposed a bracket teaching method,Develop and write bilingual textbook auxiliary book、Bilingual teaching of classrooms with AI intelligent tools,Relying on China University Mu Class Platform to carry out knowledge Sky bet app downloadcompetition、Questions and answer game、PK debate and other classroom teaching,Help international students across language barriers to achieve curriculum teaching goals。

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Tell the "Belt and Road" Silk Road Story,Incorporate quality education to create a "colored" classroom。The school is closely combined with the international economic and trade professional background of the current Laos students,Leading with the "Belt and Road" with co -construction of the "Belt and Road",With the consciousness of "Destiny Community" as the core,Focus on the design of the new track of "Silk Road E -commerce" to carry out curriculum content、Organization、Implementation。Taking the core course of occupational ability "E -commerce Basis" as an example,Always revolving around the country's e -commerce enterprises and Chinese and old brands along the “Belt and Road” to carry out the study of e -commerce knowledge Sky bet app downloadand skills。Follow knowledge teaching、Capability training and value leading three -dimensional goals,Realize the international vision of international students、Organic unity of quality education and professional knowledge education。

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Carry out "Three Entry and Three Hearts" educating peopleProject,Comprehensive development to create a "love" classroom。The school gives full play to the educating role of Laos international student counselors,Carry out "one -in classroom" to provide teaching assistance,Pay closely for international students to attend class、Class discipline and teacher -student interaction,Encourage international students to invest in the classroom learning。"Second Entry Dormitory" is concerned about the study and life of international students,Learn for international students learning dynamics、Thought life and other situations,To solve the Sky Bet appdifficulties encountered by international students,Enhance the sense of gain and happiness of international students。"Three Entry Society" counselor concentrated on leading international students into Lianyungang Band Cloud、JD e -commerce and other companiesIndustry,Help international students realize knowledge migration,Let international students know more deeply in China,Fall in China。

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Future,The school will continue to better integrate the "Belt and Road" development concept into the process of training in Laos,Constantly exploring the innovation international study abroad training mode、Refine the spiritual logo and cultural essence of Chinese civilization,Tell Chinese stories、spread Chinese voice,Cultivate more professional and technical talents for middle -aged and old friendly communication。

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