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Press time: 2024-04-26 Source: Jiangsu Cailer Vocational College Author: Zhang Xia Photography: Views:50

Recent,The Jiangsu Provincial Education and Working Committee announced the sky bet games onlineSky Bet appnewly selected Jiangsu in 2023List of Tongxin Education Practice Base for Unified Fronts of the Provincial University,Jiangsu CaiConference Vocational College "Shanhai Culture" Concentric Education Practice Base, The first educational practice base for provincial universities in our city。
      Creation of the unified front line of college universities in Jiangsu Province,It is a new measure of united front work carried out by the Education Working Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee in the province。It aims to use base construction as a platform,Integrated Sky bet app downloadschool Sky Bet appdepartment,hospital department,academic group,Democratic Party grass -roots organizations,Resources such as united front groups,The fine tradition of the party's united front culture、Forms a united front education brand with distinctive characteristics,Strengthening the ideological and political guidance of outsiders to cultivate new carriers,Condensing new kinetic energy,Forming a new breakthrough,Perfectly promoting the innovation and development of ideological and political work outside the party's outside party party。

      In recent years,Sky Bet appThe school fully sky bet games onlineexcavates regional characteristics,Effective integration of school united front resources,Fully build the "Shanhai Culture" concentric education practice base,Make the ideological leadership of the united front、Friendship friends,New carrier played by intelligence,Fully gathers the democratic parties of the school,Coordinated group strength,Stimulate the vitality of the United Front,Demonstrate the United Front as the responsibility。

It is understood,The school will take the provincial base as an opportunity,Further strengthen the Sky Bet appconnotation construction of the base,Sky BetImprove the quality and efficiency of the work of the United Front,Cultivation of special highlight projects,major needs to serve local economy and society,Service School's High -quality Development Consolidation、Gathering Wisdom、Gathering strength。

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