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According to "Jiangsu Family Press Vocational College 2024Annual public recruitment of full -time teachers and full -time counselors"" "Jiangsu Caixing Vocational College 2024Annual public recruitment announcement (2) Qualification review and examination notice "and total scores,Liu Xiaoyi, etc.15Candidates enter the physical examination.The relevant matters related to the medical examination are as follows:

I.Slotted medical examination staff Yu2024Years4month27Day (Saturday) morning8:00Pre -,The original ID of my ID card,At the Jiangsu Fiscir Vocational College (Chunhui Road, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu bet login) Southern Gate concentration.

2,Facial medical examination staff do not follow the prescribed time、Location、Requires to participate in the medical examination,It is deemed to abandon the physical examination qualification。

3,Physical examination expenses: The actual expenses of the medical examination hospital are subject to (candidate self -care)。


1. The empty stomach inspection items must be a light diet one day before the physical examination、Try to eat less sweets as possible,Drink more water,Do not exercise violently、Don't stay up late,10 pmPoint Sky bet app downloadfor a ban on diet until the morning of the next day,The medical examination can only be eaten (the medical examination hospital provides breakfast)。

2. Candidates participating in the medical examination must obey the organization,Follow discipline,Observe the arrangement of staff and medical staff,Strictly follow the prescribed procedures and methods。

3.It is strictly forbidden to make a fake、Anti -name replacement。Violators cancel the qualifications of employment and investigate the responsibility of relevant personnel。 

List of medical examination staff



Liu Xiaoyi

Sha Chenxi

Qin Yi

Wang Congying

Shan Pengchang

Deng Pengfei


Wang Yan

Huang Yaping

Guan Xixin

Wang Jie

Wang Xingyuan

Jiang Tao

Yang Xiaodong

Gao Shuai





Jiangsu Caixing Vocational College

April 22, 2024